Know How to Extract a Corrupt Backup File using BKF Repair Tool

Most users are worrying about their personal data which is valuable for their business prospects. Users might prefer to install NT backup tool in their computer to create a backup file of their personal data. NT backup tool is used by many users for creating a backup file of their documents, videos, mp3 and photos. Sometimes users are trying to ignore virus attack or malware issue, unknown system shut-down and consistent power failure. They don’t know, these types of issues and failures are the main reasons for corrupting their backup file. In this situation, NT backup tool gets fail and does not extract a corrupt backup file. This type of situation creates hurdles, let’s see how to get rid from backup corruption issues.

What’ s so special in this tool?

Tool has ability to recover Symantec Exec generated backup file apart from Windows NTBackup. That’s why our software is widely used for recovering data from BKF File.

BKF Repair tool is the useful solution to repair backup corruption issues. The corrupted backup file can be extracted in their original format using this tool. To perform extraction from corrupted backup file, tool performs the following tasks.

  1. It will recover complete data from the corrupt backup file without any loss of information.

  2. This software offers three types of scanning mode like; quick scan, advanced scan and range based scan.

  3. After extracted data from backup file, it will preview information of backup file.

  4. You can check or uncheck the files or folder which they want to recover from damaged .bkf file.


Demo vs Licensed Version Tool : In demo version of BKF recovery tool, user can view their data from backup file but they cannot save. Licensed version of software allows users to extract and save their data.


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