What So Special in BKF Recovery software?


In today’s era, people widely used “Windows NT Backup” or “Symantec VERITAS Backup” to create backup file for their valuable data. These types of software can create backup within a few minutes for their important files. They usually create a backup file of their important files on a daily and monthly basis, and they transfer their backup file into a pen-drive and external hard drive. Most of the employee plug their backup file contain pen-drive or external hard drive at various computer to share the backup file with another employee. Due to any mistake, if they plug-out the pen-drive or external drive from a computer before complete transfer or improper create of backup file and Virus or bugs enter in file. But they have no ideas that such types of carefulness can be reasons of backup file corruption.

To recover corrupted backup file, people try to recover it using NT backup tool. But they receive an error message. In this situation, most of the employee want to recover their backup file. From now on, employees have no need to worry about their corrupted backup file, reason being we have a software which can recover bkf file without any issue. That software is known as BKF Recovery Software. This software has ability to recover backup file even if the backup file is severely corrupted. It has special ability to recover the corrupted backup file even if the size in TB. If the backup file has minimum corruption, you can recover it by selecting the Quick scan mode. If the backup file is severely corrupted, you require to run the Advanced scan mode to recover the backup file.

Let’s See the Special Features of BKF Recovery Software:

  1. This application has ability to recover corrupt backup file with any types of data having extension like; mp4, mp3, doc, jpg and so on.
  2. It uses three options for a scanning – Quick scan, Advanced scan and Range Based scan.
  3. Range Based scanning mode has ability to set the range so that user can recover the corrupt backup file.
  4. Tool has the ability to scan the corrupt backup file even if the size in TB. This is the major advantage for this software.
  5. Users can see the preview of recovered bkf file information in the front of their eye.
  6. It’s Windows based utility supports to work with all versions of Windows operating systems.

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